Video and Audio Clips from Mainstream Media

PBS News-Hour discussion of female libido pill.  [August, 2015]

Judy Woodruff interviews Dr. Minkin and Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman on the potential benefits and concerns of taking the recently-released Flibanserin.



Dr. Seibel interview on Intimacy in Cancer Patients. [October, 2014]

Dr. Minkin discusses what helps hot flashes and painful sex for cancer survivors, particularly breast cancer, and clarifies controversies.



Conn TV interview on Fertility. [February, 2014]

Conn Jackson asks Dr. Minkin questions about fertility, including timing, ovulation, and changing demographics.



Wall Street Journal Spreecast- Melinda Beck. [November, 2013]

Melinda Beck of the WSJ interviews Dr. Minkin, Dr. James Salwitz and Dr. Deborah Peel on Electronic Medical Records and their impact on patient privacy.


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Fox 5 San Diego interview on Menopause: Facts & Fictions[May, 2012]

Dr. Minkin discusses coping with menopause symptoms.



Woman to Woman / Guilford TV Talk on Ovarian Cancer & Menopause [February, 2012]

Dr. Minkin discusses hormones, ovarian cancer, menopause and female reproductive health.



Fox 4 Morning Blend Interview on Pelvic Health. [May, 2010]

Carley Wegner interviews Dr. Minkin and Missy Lavender of the Women’s Health Foundation on pelvic floor exercises.



Faith Middleton NPR Radio Interview with Dr. Minkin and Amy Bloom, Lady Parts.  [May, 2012]

Dr. Minkin and renowned author Amy Bloom do their best Car Talk spin on women’s health and beyond in this audio cast.



Faith Middleton NPR Radio Interview on Women’s Health Issues. [November, 2014]

Faith Middleton discusses a variety of women’s health topics with Dr. Minkin and Yale colleagues Drs. Elena Ratner and Erin Hofstatter, including egg freezing, screening for breast cancer, and how women with low libido can boost sexual response.